Tiago de Paula Recovery Fund

Tiago de Paula, local Category 1 Road Racer and Member of the Aero Cat /Latino Cycling Team,
          was severely injured around 5pm on May 22nd, 2008, when a car abruptly turned in front of him
          while he was warming up for the Tour of Atlanta opening Time Trial in Buford, GA.

          Tiago was air-vac'd to Atlanta Medical Center. He sustained multiple facial fractures.
          He is in the intensive care unit awaiting the first of several facial reconstructive surgeries.

          Several of his friends are working to raise money to aid his recovery and medical expenses.

          His cycling team has set up a Riders Recovery Fund to first benefit Tiago and aid other riders
          who are in similar circumstances.

          Anyone interested in donating money can make checks payable To: The Latino Cycling
          Team / Memo: Tiago's Recovery Fund. The fund is blanketed under a non-profit and all donations
          will be eligible for a tax write off.

          If you have any question or would like to donate money please send checks to Tiago's Teammate:

          Robert McConville
          1704 Lord Ashley Dr.
          Sanford, NC 27330

          If you have any questions feel free to contact him at: rmcconville@schsr.unc.edu

          For Further information you can view www.outspokinbikes.com. & www.aerocatbike.com

          If you would like to make a donation online, please visit pre-reg.com



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