Your event announcement will be sent to thousands of active racers via e-mail prior to the event.

Upon pre-registration closing, we import the pre-reg data directly into our RegMan system.
     The data is available on-site for easy check-in of the participant.

     Pre-Reg Screenshot
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     Set-Up and Equipment
     Your race events are entered into the RegMan system prior to the event.

     Setup Wizard Screenshot
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     RMS staff arrives before registration opens for equipment set-up.
     The equipment includes:

·          Wireless client server network

·          Laptop computers

·          High volume laser printer

·          Shared relational database

·          Race Manager Software – aka, RegMan

·          At least 2 power users of RegMan will be available at all times during the event.


     On-Site Registration
Our custom RegMan application prevents long lines. The system can register 5 - 50 people
     per minute. Start lists are printed and electronic files are produced when registration closes.

     Registration Screenshot
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     A variety of reports is available for the promoter, including Insurance reports, Pre-Reg report, Race
     Summary, Accounting report, Results Summary. Electronic results are available in any file format
     (Excel, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF, etc.).

     Timing Events
Our new Time Trial module, guarantees a smooth event with quick and accurate results. Timing data
     is generated at both the start line and the finish line. The data is accurate to the millisecond.

     Timing Module Screenshot
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Event results are printed and posted almost instantly after completion of the event. If your event
     contains an omnium structure, overall points are tabulated within seconds of the most recent stage.
     Point tie breakers conform to the federation rule.

     Results Screenshot
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     Data Validation
The system is endorsed by USAC. The following USAC policies are automatically validated
     by the software:

·          Field Lmits

·          AgeRange

·          Category

·          Gender

·          UAC Memo

·          USAC emos and suspensions

     Validation messages screenshot
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     Data Submission
The race results are submitted to the federation in conformity to their published file specification.

     Consolidated race results in CSV and Excel formats are sent to the promoter on the day of the event.
     RMS can even upload results directly onto the promoter’s website.

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